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Meet Kristen Wig

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You stay in the cage till you learn how to act


Meet The Stepford Cuckoos


The Cuckoos share a telepathic hive mind. Powerful telepaths individually, their combined power is even greater than the sum of its parts. These powers allow them the psychic standards of broadcasting/receiving thoughts, mind control, planting illusions, force blasts of pure psionic energy, astral projection, etc. Their gestalt mind allows them to communicate with one another instantaneously, though the strength of their gestalt depends on their proximity to one another; the further they are from one another, the weaker their ability to connect.

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Who remembers Clothestime!

Music Please

Kelly Osbourne


Nicole Wray



The Smiths

Miss Kitten

Ghostface Killah

Wolverine and the X-men

Person I would like to bone the most right now


I don't know her or if she actually is a bitch but I like to think she is.

Whatever she is on the short list of females i'd bed if I had the chance

Fuck you I love this song

Brooke Give it to me!